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Our Core Values, Vision and Strategic Goals3D Man - Vision

The Association’s Mission statement sums up our purpose which is enshrined into our strategic goals and our core values determine how we function. Our corporate aim, values and strategic objectives are reviewed on an annual basis (normally in the month of April) at our Strategy Review Day.

Flowing from this operational objectives and Key performance indicators (KPI) targets were agreed to support the strategic objectives. The operational objectives and the KPIs have been cross referenced against the Strategic objectives in this plan to show the linkages.

Aim/Vision – Our Mission Statement

We are a social housing provider operating in the heart of Drumchapel providing and sustaining quality housing at affordable rents.

We have a commitment to our community and, together with our local partners, strive to enhance the environment in which we live and work.

Core Values

C ommunity - We promote and encourage community involvement

E fficient and E ffective

- We will operate in an efficient and effective manner
R esponsive - We will listen and act on customer views
N ever Complacent - We are committed to continual improvement
A ccountable - We have an accountable, open and transparent local decision making process
C aring and Supportive - We will treat everyone with dignity and respect
H elpful and Happy - We are here to help and strive to please with a smile


Strategic Goals

We will achieve our vision by implementing our strategic goals. These are:

1. To provide a cost effective and efficient quality housing  management  and housing advice service, rent account management, estate management, and maintenance  service for the local community;  1. To undertake a comprehensive planned maintenance programme to achieve secure, safe homes that meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard and energy efficiency standards;  1.  To  maximise community involvement and community spirit through the provision of and participation in fun events and activities in the local area;
2. To help allieviate homelessness and  provide quality rented housing at affordable rents through appropriate long term investment and new build provision ;  2. To meet and where possible exceed the Regulatory Standards and the Tenant Charter  2. To ensure that CHA is a landlord and factor of choice
3. To invest in and develop our people to ensure that the Association is an employer of choice. 3. To ensure the work of the Association is supported by effective governance, and financial controls and that staff and Committee are accountable to tenants, owners and other accessing our services 3. To encourage tenant involvement in the management of their homes and in the management of the Association.