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Our new Residents Panel is open to any of our tenants or owners with an interest in service scrutiny. No specific skills are needed, just your experience of being a Cernach Housing Association resident.

The Panel`s has the aim of providing people with the opportunity to inform how we deliver our services.  It will provide an opportunity to work with us to make the service improvements residents want. This is a role where you can help make a difference and get involved scrutinising all aspect of what we do, such as customer service, repairs, anti-social behaviour and the management of the environment. We also consult you on our Policies as they are updated to ensure they are current and compliant.

Resident Panel Meetings

The panel meet on a quarterly basis, usually on a Wednesday at 4.00pm.  Meetings normally last around 1-1.5hrs hours.  

Joining the Panel

We are also keen for the Panel to have a key role influencing the report we provide to local residents outlining how we perform against the Scottish Social Housing Charter. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Anne Smith Corporate Services Officer  on 0141 944 3860 or email