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If you are having difficulties finding the money to pay your rent, you should get in touch with your Housing Officer straight away. As well as checking to see if you are eligible for any benefits, your Housing Officer will make a sensible arrangement with you to pay what you owe over time taking your income into account. Once you make an arrangement it is very important that you keep to it and make regular payments.  Please remember it is your responsibility to pay rent when due and to keep your rent account clear.

Although we understand people may experience difficulties in paying rent we will take action against any tenant who does not pay their rent or maintain arrangements to repay rent arrears. Rent arrears may prevent an internal transfer or mutual exchange application

We will always deal sympathetically with you if you are having financial problems. However, if you do not make or keep to an agreement to pay rent which you owe the Association will, as a last resort, take legal action. This could result in eviction.

If you are on a low income you may be entitled to housing benefit to assist you in paying your rent.  We have a Welfare Benefits Advice Service in the Association’s offices every Wednesday. We have Money & Debt Advice Service  every Thursday for Tenants who would like additional support.  If you wish an appointment with either of these services you can contact the office on 0141 944 3860 and our staff will be happy to make an appointment for you.

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