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Handy Tips3D Man - Handy Tips

No Power – this usually indicates a power cut or a fault with an appliance that has been plugged in. To restore the power supply unplug all appliances in your property and reset the trip switch (if this does not reset it indicates that there is still a socket in use – double check).  Plug all appliances back into sockets if the power trips again then the fault lies with the appliance that you have just plugged in. 

If the above steps have been carried out correctly and the power supply is not restored there may be a fault with the internal electrical wiring, please contact Cernach Housing Association during normal working hours or alternatively City Building on 0800 595 595 outwith normal working hours.

Gas Leaks  - If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak in your property call Transco on 0800 111999 immediately.

Put out any naked flames/gas appliances/cigarettes Do not turn on any electric switches Open all windows.