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Ours & Your Responsibilities 

Repair responsibilities fall into two categories:

  •  Tenant Responsibility
  •  Landlord Responsibility

Tenant Responsibilities

The tenant is responsible for taking reasonable care of the house. This responsibility includes carrying out minor repairs and internal decoration, furnishings, appliances supplied by the tenant and the installations of those appliances, including any alteration to plumbing fixtures in order to accommodate the appliance, i.e. the plumbing in of automatic washing machine.

The tenant shall be responsible for damage to glass, damage to sinks or sanitary ware, the replacement of sink plugs and tap washers, toilet seats, toilet door snibs, rotary dryers and internal door handles. Cost incurred through forcing entry through lost keys, replacing batteries for smoke detectors outwith normal service provision. This includes replacement bulbs for exterior light fitments.   The tenant shall be responsible for ensuring that all front and rear gardens areas are maintained, i.e. cutting grass.

Landlord Responsibility

The Association, as the landlord, shall be responsible for repairs to the fabric and structure of the property including fixed installations, i.e. plumbing (pipework), heating systems including pumps and extractor fans. Exterior decoration, downpipes, guttering and external brickwork or render work.