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Cernach is committed to helping tenants to maintain the quiet enjoyment of their homes without nuisance or annoyance from their neighbours.  We will not tolerate any level of neighbour nuisance or any form of anti-social behaviour affecting our tenants. We will do all that we can to support residents to resolve problems as quickly as possible.   You can view our Neighbour Disputes & Anti Social Behaviour Policy and Racial Harassment Policy for further information.

What is Anti Social Behaviour?

The Association’s Tenancy Agreement describes Anti Social Behaviour as: ‘acts in a manner that causes, or is likely to cause alarm or distress, or pursues a course of conduct that causes, or is likely to cause alarm or distress to at least one person who is not in the same household’.  This can include: Noise nuisance such as loud music, shouting, parties; rowdy behaviours; intimidation or harassment; violence; discrimination; damage to property; graffiti; drug dealing; nuisance from pets; and inconsiderate behaviour such as untidy gardens and dumping rubbish.

What should I do if I am affected?

The first thing to do is to speak to the person who is causing the problem.  Sometimes a quiet word with the person or with their parents may nip the problem in the bud.  If you feel uncomfortable doing this, or if there is violence involved, you should report the problem to the office and discuss the matter with our staff. We will listen to your problem and try to give you the best advice and support as to how the matter can be effectively resolved. It is important to do this at an early stage, before a minor dispute escalates.    Cernach treats all reports of ASB confidentially.  This means that we will not tell the perpetrator who has made the complaint against them.  However, in some cases it is obvious who has complained or they can make assumptions about who has complained. 

What action can be taken?

There are several courses of action we can take depending on the problem. It is however important that we are quickly made aware of any problem so we can establish the facts during our investigation and take early action.  We may:
• Agree with you how we are going to try to help you to resolve the situation
• Contact other agencies such as the Police or Environmental Health Department and/or the perpetrator of the ASB
• Put you in contact with outside agencies which may be able to provide support and practical help.
• Keep you informed on the progress of your complaint. 
• Take an offending tenant to court with the possibility of seeking a decree for eviction to end the tenancy. However, for relatively minor disputes between tenants, advice or a limited form of intervention from us may be appropriate and all that is required.
• Arrange mediation if this is felt to be appropriate. This is where problems are discussed and resolved by all parties round the table. Staff might also suggest that the best way to prevent escalation of a problem may be to talk a problem through with your neighbour before involving the Association.

What happens if the behaviour continues?

We often ask residents to complete a neighbour complaint form. This helps us by giving specific times and dates when the ASB was happening and how serious it is.  It is especially useful if the case goes to Court, as we will need to provide evidence of the ASB.  You can request an incident diary from our office or download one from the link of the left hand side of the page. In serious cases Cernach has a number of legal remedies available.  This can lead to the eviction of tenants, Anti-Social Behaviour Orders or Injunctions for ASB.  However, this is always the last resort, and the process is likely to take some time.

Glasgow City Council Noise Pollution Team

Depending on the nature of complaint, you should also report any criminal activity or noise pollution to the police.  You can also call Glasgow City Council Noise Pollution team on 0141 287 6688 or have a look at the Noise Nuisance Leaflet GCSS

Their Out of Hours Unit is part of the Council's Land and Environmental Services and has been set up to cover Environmental Health and Trading Standards functions outwith normal office hours.  However, the main duties of the Unit relate to enforcement noise complaints, the majority of which arise during the evening and into night-time.  The Unit endeavours to respond to all noise complaints relating to: 

  • anti-social behaviour (loud music, dogs barking, DIY, loud TV) 
  • public houses/clubs (live bands, karaoke, discos) 
  • construction Sites 
  • alarms sounding.

Useful Numbers

Police Non Emergency No 101
Antisocial Behaviour - Community Relations Officers 0800 0273 901
Neighbour Dispute – Mediation Officers  0800 0273 901
Report Litter/Dog Fouling 0300 343 7027
GCSS Noise Team – 24 hrs  0141 287 6688 
Anti Social Behaviour out of hours

0800 027 3901 (landline)
0141 287 1057 (mobiles)

Glasgow City Council for environmental ASB such as bulk  0141 2879700
Clean Glasgow for fly tipping

0300 343 7027

Victim Support  0141 553 2415 
Citizens Advice 0141 552 5556 
Samaritans  0141 248 4488 
Childline 0870 336 2910 
Women’s Aid 0141 553 2022