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If you are over 16, you can apply to rent one of our homes. Please be aware we have a huge demand for our homes and due to our relatively small stock the turnover in housing is not high.  Applicants to the housing list can therefore expect to be on the list on the list for a significant period of time before an offer of housing may become available.

The Glasgow Housing Register is currently unavailable for a period of maintenance. If you wish to apply directly to Cernach Housing Association, please use the contact form to inform us of your name and address and we will send an application pack to you. 

From 26 April 2017 you can apply for a home with us by using the Glasgow Housing Register. This is a joint application process alongside 12 other Social Landlords in Northwest Glasgow. You can fill out an application and select as many landlords as you wish to apply to. We will then assess your application through our Allocations Policy listed below. 


We use a points system to decide who gets a house.  Points are awarded for a range of circumstances to applicants in housing need e.g. overcrowding, medical condition etc. It is important that you understand our Allocations Policy for awarding points before you fill out an application form.

Have you a change in your circumstances?

If you are an applicant and your circumstances change, you need to notify us as soon as possible so your application can be updated accordingly.  You can contact the office or complete the Housing Application Change in Circumstances Form. If you have submitted your application through the Glasgow Housing Register, then you should log in to their system and update your circumstances through this.  

Homeless Applicants

If you consider yourself to be homeless you can apply for a house with us however you should also present yourself to: - North West Casework Service, 30 Mansion Street, Glasgow. G22 5SZ.  If you have difficulties attending Mansion Street Office you should contact: - North West Casework Service on 0141 276 6169 for assistance.


If you are already a Cernach Housing Association tenant and need to move, you can also contact the office to either collect an application form or have it posted to you.

Housing Options

Cernach Housing Association now advises all applicants and transfers to complete a Housing Options interview along with their housing application.  The interview takes approximately 45 minutes depending on your circumstances.  Housing Options is a new approach which offers personal advice to anyone who may need housing advice or assistance.  We will look at your individual circumstances; your housing & personal needs; and choices available to you. You can find out more by reading our Housing Options Leaflet.  If you wish to carry out a housing options interview please Contact us.