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Ending Your Tenancy3D Man - ending tenancy

If you want to end your tenancy you have to give us at least 28 days ‘notice’.  You must do this in writing – either by sending us a letter or filling in a termination of tenancy form.  If you are sending a letter please include your name, address, date of leaving and forwarding address. Your husband or wife, or any joint tenant, must also sign to show that they agree that the tenancy should be given up. On the day you leave you should return all your keys to our office.

We will arrange to inspect your home before you leave and you may be asked to make good any repairs that are your responsibility.  We have a list of tenant responsibility repairs which can be found in your tenant handbook or on our website section 'Your and Our Responsibilities'. You should leave your house clean and tidy and remove all furniture and other belongings.  We will dispose of any items you leave and charge you for it.  You must leave your home in a good condition or you will be charged for the work required to bring it up to standard.

In the unfortunate event that you find yourself responsible for clearing property from a deceased relative’s tenancy, the Association generally requests that you clear the property within a two week period from the date of death and return all keys to the Association.  Further information on your rights and responsibilities when a tenant is deceased is available in the 'Succession & Assignment' section of our website.