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Estate Management3D Man - Estate Management

Estate Management is not just about looking after buildings and the physical environment, but also involves providing or arranging necessary advice and support to residents, and involves working with other agencies to achieve decent living conditions.   Our Estate Management Policy sets out how we manage the environment around our properties and any common areas effectively, to ensure that the neighbourhood is an attractive, well maintained and safe place to live.

Everyone has the right to live in a decent, safe and secure environment. We carry out estate inspections of all common closes, backcourts and gardens. We provide a weekly cleaning service in areas where there are communal corridors, stairs and walkways.  If you have a complaint about the cleaning please contact the office on 0141 944 3860 or complete a complaints form.

Litter & Bulk

Glasgow City Council’s cleansing Department is responsible for removal of domestic refuse and bulk uplift.  It is each residents own responsibility to ensure that the backcourt and bin stores are kept in a tidy condition.  If you have bulk items or have issues with your bin collection please contact the Cleansing Department on 0141 2879700.

Dog Fouling

Please remember if you own a dog it is your responsibility to clean up after it and be aware it is an offence if you fail to do so and you could receive a Fixed Penalty Notice. If you become aware of a dog owner failing to clean up after their dog you can contact Clean Glasgow on 0300 343 7027 to report it. Cernach Housing Association will also take action against any tenancy if the owner fails to clean up after their dog.


Where there are communal gardens Cernach Housing Association will provide a gardening service.  A contractor is employed to cut the grass and tidy these areas regularly during the growing season.   Where a property has its own garden the resident will be responsible for maintaining that area to a satisfactory standard.  If you have a complaint about the gardening please contact the office on 0141 944 3860.

Your local councillors

Where you continue to see issues in your community which are the responsibility of Glasgow City Council, please note that your local area councillors are as follows:

Paul Carey

Elspeth Kerr

Malcolm Balfour

Anne McTaggart

You can check their contact details by following this link.