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The Association is registered with the Scottish Property Factors Register which is a requirement of the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011.  Our registration number is PF000149. For further information on factoring you can view our Factoring Policy.

What the factoring service provides

We provide a range of factoring services to a number of sharing owners & owner occupiers on our schemes.  These include: reactive common repairs; cyclical (long-term) common repairs such as roof maintenance and close painting; close cleaning; backcourt maintenance; and building insurance.  Owners should be aware that insurance cover for contents is not included in buildings insurance. The costs of these services are charged directly to customers in the form of a factoring service charge. 

Owners’ responsibilities

Owners have a responsibility to keep their property and its common parts maintained. Owners are required to pay for common repairs and, where a factoring service is provided, to pay any management fees. When a property is sold, the new owner takes over responsibility for maintaining the property and paying for the factoring service.

Paying for the factoring service

The Association charges a factoring management fee to all owners who receive the basic factoring service. This charge covers the cost of providing the service and is a requirement of the Housing Association Regulator, Communities Scotland.

If you wish to pay your factoring fee please go to the section make a payment.

If you have any queries about the factoring services provided by the Association please contact the office on 0141 944 3860 or email