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Keeping A Pet3D Man - Pet Policy

Cernach Housing Association is happy to allow pets in our properties. However tenants will not be allowed to keep pets at their home without the prior written consent of the Association

When do I need permission?

Permission must be granted for dogs and cats (subject to a restriction of one dog and/or one cat per household) and exotic animals such as reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.  All tenants wishing to keep a pet must complete a pet registration form.  Permission is not required for small animals such as fish, rodents or caged birds. Our overriding principle being that a maximum of two of these types of pets may be kept in any one household.  If you are unsure about whether you need permission, please contact the office.

When might permission be refused?

The Association does not allow tenants to keep pigeons, foul or livestock.  If permission is refused, you will be sent a letter giving one of the following reasons.

• The pet was unsuitable for the property;
• There would be too many pets in the home;
• Your pets had previously caused a problem;
• The animal may be at risk of suffering i.e. malnutrition, kept in a confined space unsuitable for the size of the pet etc.
• The animal is likely to be allowed to cause a breach of tenancy.
• The Association is aware of previous pet being removed due to ill treatment or cruelty.
• The pet is large, requires regular exercise, which the tenant is unable to provide.
• The pet is dangerous as defined in the Dangerous Dog Act 1991. If you disagree with the Association’s decision you will have a chance to appeal within 14 days of the date of the letter.

Pets causing a nuisance If you have a pet you should make sure that;
• Any dog excrement is removed appropriately;
• Dogs do not bark so as to cause a nuisance to others;
• Dogs are kept on a lead while in common areas;
• You do not install a cat flap without talking to us first.

The following constitutes nuisance and annoyance:
• Proven excessive noise
• Roaming and unattended animals
• Fouling in common areas
• Fouling in gardens
• Destruction to neighbouring gardens
• Aggression
• Neglect
• odour

If you pet causes a nuisance to others in the area around your home, permission to keep a pet may be withdrawn and we will require the pet to be removed from the property.  If you have a complaint regarding a pet please complete the Pet Policy Complaints Form.

Applying for permission to keep a pet

You can apply for permission to keep a pet by filling out a pet registration form, by writing to Cernach or by visiting our office.  You should also read our guidance for dog/cat owners.  Once permission is granted you will receive a tag for your pet which you should keep safe.

Further information can be found in our Pet Policy or by contacting our office.