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Subletting & Lodgers


Sub-letting is where a tenant of the Association wishes to allow part, or the whole of the property she/he rents from the Association to be used by a third party for a specified period, not usually longer than 6 months.  During this time the legal contract still exists between the ‘Tenant’ and Cernach Housing Association.  If you sub-let, you remain responsible for paying the rent and for any problems caused by your sub-tenant.

Any Scottish Secure Tenant who can demonstrate good cause for having to be away from their home, such as work or family commitments, has the right to sub-let their tenancy in accordance with the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001.  You can find further information about sub letting in Section 51 of our Allocations Policy.

If you wish to sub-let your property you must complete an application to sub let form.  

Taking in a Lodger

Taking in a lodger is where you rent out a room in your home to someone else but you keep living in the property.  We recognise many tenants may consider this due to the introduction in April 2013 of the Housing Benefit under occupation charge.

The key information to note is the tenant must obtain our written consent before renting a room to a lodger.  We will not refuse unreasonably. If you want to take in a lodger you must put this in writing or call into the office and we can take the details from you.  If you are sending a letter please include your name and address, the name of your lodger, their date of birth, address, relationship to you (if any) and date of when they are planning to move in.

You can find further information about lodgers in Section 44 of our Allocations Policy. For further information on welfare reform and lodgers, refer to our “welfare reform” section of the web site.