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0141 944 3860

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Emergency Numbers 

If you are a tenant and have an emergency repair please call City Building on 0800 595 595.

If you are a tenant in our new build properties please contact the following emergency numbers instead of City Building. Electrics - 07800906921 Plumbing - 01294 468113      Joiner - 07792 099717

Coronavirus Update

This has been a difficult decision to make and one we have not taken lightly however as we have a duty of care to our tenants and staff, we have decided to close Cernach Housing Association Office to the public until further notice. We will still be taking phone calls and emails while providing our usual service to tenants’ and owners to the best of our ability under these trying circumstances.
We would like to remind tenants & owners that if they are experiencing difficulties in paying their rent / factoring fees to contact the office and speak with your Housing Officer (tenants) Corporate Services Officer for factoring. We will be only too happy to help.
Alternativley if you are experiencing financial difficulties because of the Corona Virus, information on financial assistance can be found:
You can still make payments to your rent or factoring fee either by phoning the office, by setting up a Direct Debit or standing order. You can pay at any Paypoint. If you have lost your card, phone us and we will order you a new one.
Please contact us at 0141 944 3860 or by email at We will update social media as and when there are any developments.
The Association would like to thank you for your understanding at these unprecented times.  

Local Revenue and Benefits Offices Update

Following government advice to reduce the spread of COVID-19 our main customer service desk based at 45 John Street and local revenues and benefits offices will close from 5pm tonight (18 March 2020). All customers scheduled for appointments on Thursday and Friday will be contacted and given further advice. The services provided in these offices can be accessed online at and  alternative contact arrangements can be found here.


Glasgow City Council Bulk Uplift Update 

In order to protect essential services Glasgow City Council has taken the decision to suspend all bulk collection.  This service will be suspended with effect from Monday 23 March 2020 until further notice.  There are currently no other planned changes to refuse collection, however should this position change you will be advised.