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Applying for a Home

If you are over 16, you can apply to rent one of our homes. If you want to be considered for a property, you can apply to be on our waiting list here 

This website will allow you to apply for a home with Cernach Housing Association, Kingsridge Cleddans Housing Association and Pineview Housing Association. If you have a medical condition, please complete the medical form which is found within the housing application link. If you have any questions or require assistance when completing these forms, please call the office on 0141 944 3860 to arrange an appointment.  

Please be aware we have a huge demand for our homes and due to our relatively small stock, the turnover in housing is not high.  Applicants on the housing list can therefore expect to be on the list on the list for a significant period of time before an offer of housing may become available.

The below documents will give you an indication of our recent turnover of stock for the last 3 years. 

Property Turnover 2021 2022

Property Turnover 2022 2023

Property Turnover 2023 2024

Our approach to allocations 

We use a points system to decide who is made an offer for a property.  Points are awarded for a range of circumstances to applicants in housing need e.g. overcrowding, medical condition etc. It is important that you read and understand our Common Allocations Policy December 2023 for awarding points before you fill out an application form.

Updating us if your circumstances change

If you are an applicant and your circumstances change, you need to notify us as soon as possible so your application can be updated accordingly.  If you have moved home, you will need to complete a new housing application form.

Homeless Applicants

If you consider yourself to be homeless you can apply for a house with us and you can get homelessness advice and assistance from your local authority.

For Glasgow you should contact Health and Social Care Connect on 0141 287 0555. You can also request homelessness assistance online at

If you require assistance after 4.45pm Monday to Thursday or 3.55pm on a Friday or weekends and public holidays, then please contact the emergency out of hours Homelessness Service on 0800 838 502.

You can also visit the Glasgow City Council Homelessness Page at

Internal transfer

If you are already a Cernach Housing Association tenant and would like to move, you should submit a new housing application at  . If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact our office and our team will be happy to help you.