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A Mutual Exchange takes place when two tenants agree to exchange properties with each other.  Tenants do not need to have the same landlord but the exchange requires the approval of both landlords involved.  Those wishing to exchange must be tenants of a Registered Social Housing Landlord i.e. a Local Authority, Housing Association, Housing co-operative, or Fully Mutual co-operatives.

Mutual Exchange Register

The Association maintains a register of tenants interested in a mutual exchange, which can be viewed by visiting our office at 79 Airgold Drive, Drumchapel or through our website 'mutual exchange register' section.  To add your mutual exchange request to our register, please complete our Mutual Exchange Registration Form and return it to our office.  Alternatively you can ring our office on 0141 944 3860 and we can complete this over the telephone.

Applying for a Mutual Exchange

When you have found another tenant you wish to exchange with, both tenants should complete a Mutual Exchange Application Form and send both forms together to our office.  The Association will then consider the mutual exchange and will provide written consent or refusal on the Mutual Exchange Application.  Further information on Mutual Exchanges and reasons for refusals can be found in our Mobility and Mutual Exchange Policy.